screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-3-45-36-pmBy Mark Bates

Here are some things you wouldn’t want your pool to say.

I’m too hot. I’m too cold. I’m lonely. Is that slime?!

Having a good relationship with your pool starts with inspired design.

And design starts with you. Think broadly. How are you going to use your pool? For fun, for therapy, for entertaining, for exercise? Who will use it? Just you, you and your kids, your neighbours, your dog?

Pools are expensive to build and need regular care. You want a pool that meets your budget, is easy to maintain and delights you.

How will you manage that?

Develop your vision and your budget. Visit pools. Look at magazines. Talk to your friends. Then think about some of these things.

How your pool will complement your home. Where will you build your pool? You don’t want to be trekking all wet and drippy through your house to your bathroom. Think of when you’ll use it: during the day or in the evening, when the sun is out or when it’s raining. What will that mean for your design? Too little heat and light make for an uncomfortable pool experience. But so does too much.

Servicing your pool. How much space will you need for pool services like filtration systems? Does your site have a good water supply? Will your site support the pool’s weight? If you need to drain your pool, where will the water go? How will you manage the temperature of your pool? And what about lighting?

Your Safety. How will you get into your pool and who else will have access? We have regulations for a reason. But meeting those safety regulations doesn’t have to mean an ugly enclosure. Designing for safety is a practical and aesthetic challenge.

Maintaining your pool. Pools are harsh environments. Water is the enemy of many building materials. Preventing costly mistakes is about robust design and specifying the right materials for the job. An outdoor pool overhung by trees is a different beast to an indoor lap pool. You’ll need advice to get that right.

Our advice is work with a pool architect specialist. Making sure water, heat and light are just where you want them is a tricky business. Pool architects know what works. Invest in a great design for a fabulous relationship with your pool.

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