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About ADNZ

Architecture and Design New Zealand is a blog that provides perspective for those planning a commercial new build.

We believe design shouldn’t just be about how a building looks, but how it works.

Design should be an enabler for employee productivity and customer satisfaction.  It needs to take into account business economics.  And ultimately, your building or office will be an integral part of your business’ brand.

Employing the services of an architect should be value enhancing for your building project.  We encourage you to seek an architects advice early into the build project. Architecture and Design New Zealand should help you to ask the right questions when you meet with them.

Initially, we are focusing on two verticals: hospitality and pools, but will add other types of builds in due course.

ADNZ is co-edited by Mike Davies, Geoff Glynan and Mark Bates, directors of Architecture HDT which is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

For more information visit us on and for additional inspiration go to our Pinterest/HDT site.

If you have any questions or would like advice on your next commercial project, email or call us on 04 385 2621.

Mike, Geoff and Mark


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